Monday, 29 November 2021

Tempest Programmable TV Game

A few years back (2018?) I picked up a non-working Tempest Programmable TV Game cheap off of TradeMe to see if it was repairable. When it arrived it had looked like it had been left outside for a bit or in a shed somewhere. The inside of it was filthy and there was some corrosion on the circuit board. I cleaned it out but since I did not have any cartridges for it there wasn't much I could do. At this point I just put it away in storage and forgot about it.

Tempest Programmable TV Game

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

SEGA SC-3000 Flash Cartridge

I picked up a SEGA SC-3000 from TradeMe that came with the game Flipper. It claimed to be working some of the time. Upon receiving it I opened it up to inspect what was wrong with it and found that it had been opened before in an attempt to fix the cartridge connector and traces. It was with some excessively long wires.

Bad wiring repair.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Mega Drive II Modifications

Following on from my 3D Glasses modification for the Master System 2 I wanted to see if I can add the 3D Glasses support to the Mega Drive. I have seen posts online asking if it could be done and the original Power Base Converter did support the 3D Glasses adaptor so it should be possible.

Since I will be pairing up the Mega Drive 2 with an American 32x I need to also implement a 50/60hz and region modification using a single switch. On top of this I decided to install the Crystal Clear Audio board to enhance the Mega Drives audio.

VA1.8 Mega Drive 2 board

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Controller PAK FRAM Mod

The Nintendo 64 Controller PAK used to store save games and settings uses a battery backed SRAM. This means that it has a limited lift span depending on the quality of the CR2032 battery, once the battery is dead all data is lost. Luckily the SRAM chip can be replaced with a non-volatile FRAM alternative.

Nintendo 64 Controller PAK

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Sega Game Gear Restoration

After repairing my Samsung monitor I looked for something else to work on and decided to have a go at seeing if I could pick up a faulty Sega Game Gear for a cheap price. Looking on eBay I found a listing by japan_4_you that was $9.73 plus shipping. The Game Gear was listed as not working and didn't have a the lens cover.

'for parts' Sega Game Gear listing

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Master System II 3D Glasses

I had been thinking about adding 3D Glasses support to the Sega Master System II for a while now as I had an extra adapter lying around but while searching around on how this can be done I came across this thread on SMSPower which talked about a reproduction board. The thread links to the circuit and instructions at Circuit Board.

I used JLPCB again like I did for my Master System 2 AV Mod.

3D Glasses circuit board

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW Repair

One day I turned my monitor on and it started flickering really quickly. After around 30 seconds or so it would come right until I turned it of again. I didn't get a video of it but it was the same as this video . I have had the monitor for almost ten years so I am not surprised to see it begin to die. I left it for a few days and then finally got around to looking up the problem.

The back of the two boards in side the Samsung monitor

Tempest Programmable TV Game

A few years back (2018?) I picked up a non-working Tempest Programmable TV Game cheap off of TradeMe to see if it was repairable. When it ar...