Wednesday 9 January 2019

Sega Game Gear Restoration

After repairing my Samsung monitor I looked for something else to work on and decided to have a go at seeing if I could pick up a faulty Sega Game Gear for a cheap price. Looking on eBay I found a listing by japan_4_you that was $9.73 plus shipping. The Game Gear was listed as not working and didn't have a the lens cover.

'for parts' Sega Game Gear listing

Sunday 6 January 2019

Master System II 3D Glasses

I had been thinking about adding 3D Glasses support to the Sega Master System II for a while now as I had an extra adapter lying around but while searching around on how this can be done I came across this thread on SMSPower which talked about a reproduction board. The thread links to the circuit and instructions at Circuit Board.

I used JLPCB again like I did for my Master System 2 AV Mod.

3D Glasses circuit board

Compaq Contura 2820A Keyboard Repair

I bought this Compaq Contura 2820A laptop that was in working order except that a few keys supposedly did not work for around $40. The lapto...