Saturday 7 July 2018

Sega Saturn PSU Replacement

I picked up a broken model one Sega Saturn that from the description of the auction suggested that only the fuse was blown from plugging in the wrong voltage. In New Zealand our mains power runs at 240 volts and this was likely a US console that runs on 110 volts.

After receiving the console I opened it up and yup, a blown fuse.

Blown PSU fuse

Monday 2 July 2018

Master System 2 AV Mod

I picked up a Master System 2 cheaply and since it only supports RF as the video out I thought I would have a go at modding to support at least composite video out. The version I had used the Sony CXA1145 video chip. This seems to be a fairly common video chip found in a few consoles so it is well documented on what it does. On the SMS Power forums I found the following schematic:

AV Mod schematic

Sunday 1 July 2018

Sega Mark III 3D Adaptor

Left: Master System 3D Adaptor. Right: Mark III 3D Adaptor

I have had the 3D Adaptor for the Master System for a while now along with a pair of 3rd party glasses. Testing out the 3D using the 3rd party glasses never seemed to work quite right so I decided to get a pair of the official 3D glasses. Looking on eBay the cheapest glasses I found (including shipping) came with the 3D adaptor for the Mark III. Having a look into whether or not the glasses would be compatible or not with the Master System I didn't find much about the Mark III's 3D abilities any where. So I decided to chance it anyway.

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